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Hike A Bike: Carrying MTB Tutorial with Simon Bosman

I find this to be a really easy and energy efficient way to carry my bike.

Roll Down Lunge Tutorial with Simon Bosman MTB

Mastering the roll down lunge will not only improve your flow riding down ledges, but also comes into…

Rear Wheel Flick Tutorial with Simon Bosman MTB

I practice this skill on every ride flicking debris off the trail. It’s not only beneficial to the…

Manual Front Wheel Lift MTB Tutorial with Simon Bosman

When the manual front wheel lift is executed with proper technique it should be virtually effortless to loft…

Rear Wheel Lift MTB Tutorial With Simon Bosman

The rear wheel lift is used often in technical climbing for bringing the back wheel up and over…

Basic Front Wheel Lift Tutorial With Simon Bosman

Basic front wheel lift is a great addition to ones skill set and is the easiest way to…

Body Positioning Tutorial with Simon Bosman MTB

These are the two essential body positions to improve your mountain bike form. Every technical maneuver is comprised…

Trackstand MTB Tutorial With Simon Bosman

Just like slacklining, trackstands harness the power of the micro movements to help with your balance and counterbalance.…

Bike Body Separation With Simon Bosman MTB

Bike Body separation is another way of saying “counter balance.” This will improve your technical riding immensely!

Ratcheting Tutorial with Simon Bosman MTB

Ratcheting may seem like an inconsequential skill but the more you practice it, the more you will use…

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