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Trackstand MTB Tutorial With Simon Bosman

Just like slacklining, trackstands harness the power of the micro movements to help with your balance and counterbalance.…

Bike Body Separation With Simon Bosman MTB

Bike Body separation is another way of saying “counter balance.” This will improve your technical riding immensely!

Ratcheting Tutorial with Simon Bosman MTB

Ratcheting may seem like an inconsequential skill but the more you practice it, the more you will use…

Technical Climbing Tutorial with Simon Bosman

Being able to rapidly move through each one of these skills at a moments notice will quickly improve…

Simon Bosman and Friends Ride the White Line in Sedona Arizona

Here are a few videos we captured over the years of me and some of my friends riding…

Rock Dodge MTB Tutorial With Simon Bosman

Being aware of the path of your back wheel through technical terrain is as important, if not more…

Starting on a Climb Tutorial with Simon Bosman

Getting enough traction on the rear wheel when starting on a climb can be a challenge. With this…

Stop and Exit On a Downhill Tutorial With Simon Bosman MTB

The importance of exiting the bike off the back of the saddle on a downhill cannot be overstated.…

Dynamic Braking Tutorial With Simon Bosman MTB

Bringing your bike down from high speed to a low speed quickly is very difficult to do without skidding,…

Riding Cathedral Rock, Sedona AZ

I’ve been studying the lines on Cathedral Rock for years. And here’s what happened.

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