In this video I will be breaking down the 2 Step feature located beyond the end of the Easy Breezy Trail but still in the same drainage. This secret extension is widely used by Sedona locals and is filled with fun challenges. This is an unrated trail but will definitely challenge every mountain biker that rides it. The 2 Step feature is unusual because there is barely a bike length between each step which makes the timing of your front wheel lifts and pedal strokes critical. This move consists of some key techniques including Front Wheel Lift, Weight Transference, Bike Body Separation and Standing Climbing which you will find further breakdowns in my previous tutorials. Even if the 2 Step feature is not in your comfort zone to attempt, the slow speed skills practice you get from riding the Easy Breezy Trail and the Local’s Secret Extension will really up your game no matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced rider.